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Do you have a solid understanding of cannabis retail compliance in Ontario? Whether you’re already running a store or just putting together a business plan, compliance is paramount—and challenging as regulations evolve and rumors abound. Watch this FREE webinar recording and learn some of the most common mistakes and misconceptions.

Cova and CannDelta have helped hundreds of retailers open and run compliant cannabis stores, but nobody knows the regulations in Ontario better than the AGCO. Our special guest Jeremy Locke, Director of Regulatory Compliance, explains the role of the AGCO, puts to bed some myths surrounding compliance, and answers common questions about current and future regulations.

Watch this webinar recording to find how you can confidently maintain compliance, avoid mistakes within your cannabis retail store, and bulletproof your business.

Key Highlights:


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Our Speakers

Jeremy Locke
Director of Regulatory Compliance at the AGCO
Dayna Van Buskirk
Marketing Manager at Cova Software
Lucas McCann
Government Regulatory Expert at CannDelta





How to avoid critical compliance issues with a glance at vital compliance activities 

The main differences between the AGCO, OCS, and Health Canada

Upcoming changes to compliance audits, regulatory inspections, mystery shops

A deep dive into what exactly the AGCO does and core responsibilities

Valuable tips on protecting your cannabis retail license and adhering to regulations


An examination of the common myths and misconceptions submitted by attendees